What is WordPress and Why Do We Use It?

Mar 5, 2021
What is WordPress? Put simply, WordPress is a platform with which to build a website on, and because WordPress is…
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What is WordPress?

Put simply, WordPress is a platform with which to build a website on, and because WordPress is open-source, anyone can use it for free. Because of its lack of barrier to entry, it is used by millions of website owners. This level of use also draws the interest of developers making different plugins and applications that continuously improve the platform.

WordPress started off primarily as a blogging platform but has since grown into the most popular content management system in the world, used to build all types of websites, from to e-commerce to professional services, you name it, it can be built on WordPress. Thanks to this popularity, there is constant development pushing the platform forward by adding tools, plug-ins and other useful functionality helping to create an incredibly powerful tool.

For a more thorough explanation, check out this detailed blog post about WordPress from Kinsta.

Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

It is important here to note the difference between two different entities: wordpress.org and wordpress.com. WordPress.org is the open-source, free to use, self-hosted WordPress platform. WordPress.com is a for-profit company that uses wordpress.org software but offers paid services such as hosting. In this blog we are referring to WordPress.org.

MarineView Media and WordPress

MarineView Media has built websites on a number of different platforms, including Squarespace, Wix and GoDaddy. We believe these alternative platforms have their time and place; however, we strongly urge business owners to steer clear of these options if you foresee the need for any future growth or functionality needs. The DIY builders simply do not provide the flexibility, functionality or cost-effectiveness that WordPress can provide.

Utilizing the WordPress platform, MarineView Media designs modern, responsive websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including trades, professional services, e-commerce and non-profits. We build sites with mobile use at the forefront of our designs, as an ever growing percentage of web traffic is now from smartphones. Our designs are geared toward business growth, attracting web traffic and converting visitors of your website into customers of your business. In addition, we offer Website Management Plans that provide you with an ongoing web partner to oversee and maintain your website, making sure it remains up to date, secure, and driving web traffic. Feel free to also check out our SEO services to give your business the extra boost it needs to set it apart from the competition.

Our main goal is your success, so please reach out and ask how we can help your business take that next step.

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