Website Performance Plan

Step Four: Analyze & Optimize

As we collect User Data, we develop insights into behaviour on the website and make corresponding adjustments to continuously increase conversions.

Analyze user behaviour

By collecting user data, we can monitor user behaviour on the website and develop insights into how customers are consuming your content.

Split Testing

It is important to know what content is resonating with your website users. With split testing, we are able to directly compare one piece of content with another over a given timeframe to see which is more effective.

Goal Tracking

Using various tools, we track the progress being made and compare this data over time to ensure we are on track to achieve results and fulfill our goals.



After analyzing the data we collect, we develop actionable insights and implement these changes across the website, whether it’s modifying the current website, building a new page, tweaking SEO strategy or updating content, our comprehensive plan ensures you’re website will have what it needs to succeed.

Client Case Study: Agile Drone Services

After building and launching a brand new website, read how we took from 0 – 93 Average Monthly Visitors from Search Engines in only 6 months.

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Agile Website On Screen

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