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Websites designed for small business success.

Your website is the hub of your business presence online.

Capture customer attention & facilitate conversion with a website custom built to suit your specific customers needs.

AFFORDABLE Web Design in Victoria BC

Websites custom built to suit your small business needs & budget.

As small business owners ourselves, we know the importance of value.

We build websites with your specific customer at the forefront of our design, and in doing so, provide value by setting you up for conversion.

With competitive pricing and a mission to provide a great return on investment, you’ll enjoy the value of your success.

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We are happy to be your ongoing partner for your web design project.

Every business has different needs for a website.

No matter what you need, we are here to help.

Whether you only require a website, or you need a long-term partner to keep things running smoothly, we can provide what you need to succeed online.

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A few answers to some commonly asked questions.

How much does a website cost?

Every website is different, thus, prices vary based on the specific needs of your project.

Typically, websites from MarineView Media start at $1500 for a basic 1-5 page website and go up from there.

SEO services and Website Management plans are add-on services with additional cost.

Please contact us to receive a quote specific to your project.

How long does it take to build a website?

Every project is different, but we typically strive to have a project completed within 45-60 days from the start date.

We will work with you to establish a target delivery date and will let you know what we need from you to complete the project (ie. images, content, etc).

What kind of website do I need?

Every business has different website needs.

If you are wanting to sell physical products on your website, like clothes or makeup, then you will require e-commerce functionality.

If you are selling services, like an electrician or a web designer, then you may only require some information about your services and how to contact you.

Some services, like a Yoga studio, may require online booking and payment functionality.

Again, every business is different, but we are here to discuss your project with you and set you up for success.

Should I just build my website myself and save money?

One of the most common issues we see are clients that have tried to build their own business website only to realize it isn’t turning out how they wanted it.

If you wanted a new dining room table would you build it yourself? Probably not.

The same applies to your website. Go with someone that does this for a living.

What happens after my website is built?

Once we complete your website, it is your property to do with as you please.

That being said, we are happy to stay on the project with you, as we offer Website Management plans to keep your website healthy and content up to date.

We handle the technical so you can focus on your business.

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Get started today!


Your website should be a marketing asset. Get in touch to learn how we can help create the online presence your business needs to succeed.

MVM’s Keys to Effective Web Design

Know your target audience
Content should be created specifically for your customer. Know your customer and build each element with them in mind.

Create compelling content
Content is key. Best web design needs content that provides value to the customer and resolves their reason for visiting your page.

Intuitive customer journey
Navigation throughout a website needs to be as easy as possible so your customer can find what they are looking for with ease.

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Our Top-Rated Web Design Process

Step 1.

Contact us for a free web design consultation.


We’d love to hear about your business. Connect with us how it’s convenient for you.

*Note: We’re based in Victoria, BC and provide our services to businesses worldwide.

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Step 2.

Website Design Research & Strategy


We are intentional with our web design, with each project built specifically for your business to create a customer journey your website visitors will love.

Step 3.

Web Design & Development.

We implement our local web design strategy and build websites that engage your site visitors and convert them into customers.

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Step 4.

Website Launch & Maintenance.


After your website is launched is when the real work begins.

We use data collection tools and analytics to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and implement data-driven web design changes to enhance your customer experience and conversion rate.

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Step 5.

Help Customers Find Your Website.


With a healthy, conversion-focused website, you’ve laid the foundation for a successful web presence.

However, even the most beautiful websites may never be seen by customers if they’re not optimized for search engines.

SEO helps Google get to know, like and trust your website.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

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Web Design Victoria BC

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, MarineView Media specializes in local web design for Victoria small businesses.

We do take on web design projects outside of Victoria, including Vancouver web design projects, and are open to working with business owners worldwide.

Our primary focus, however, is Victoria web design. We believe in working closely with business owners and building a lasting working relationship.

As web designers in Victoria BC, we strive to propel local businesses to success, it’s just what good neighbours do!

WordPress Web Designers

MVM specializes in WordPress web design, working primarily with the Divi theme and builder.

WordPress allows our Victoria web designers to create beautiful business websites on a powerful CMS (content management system). This system is intuitive and tutorials are available to show business owners the ins and outs of the backend of their websites.

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Affordable Web Design Victoria

As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to find value and ensure a return on investment.

Competitively priced, our affordable web design Victoria BC provides not only high performance websites for our clients, but ensures an unrivalled return on your investment in your business website.

Web Designers in Victoria BC

Find MarineView Media in Victoria BC, delivering expert web design to Victoria & beyond!

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