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Ranking higher in search engines means more traffic and more leads for your business. We provide comprehensive search engine optimizations (SEO) services for small businesses looking to outrank their competition for local online traffic, and set up analytics tools to track & report on your progress.


SEO is the process of improving your website in an effort to rank higher in search engines.

Search engines like Google and Bing scan your website to understand your content and determine where to show your website’s pages in their search results.

SEO services aim to make it easier for search engines to understand your content & properly index your web pages by optimizing many different aspects of your website and web presence in general.

Search engines use complex algorithms of over 200 data points to produce search result rankings, and proper search engine optimization strategies work to optimize for as many of these data points as possible.


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Our SEO Services Options

MarineView Media provides a one-time SEO Foundations service, as well as ongoing monthly subscription SEO services plans for small businesses at any stage of their life cycle. From start-up’s to well-established companies, we can help optimize your web presence.

* SEO Foundation service starting cost based on website with 1 – 10 ranking pages. These are the pages we intend to rank on search results pages to bring in organic traffic, and include pages such as your homepage and service pages, and do not include pages such as your contact page or testimonials page. MarineView Media will provide a custom quote for any larger websites with more than 10 intended ranking pages.

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Search Engine Overview

Google ranks search results based on over 200 factors. SEO efforts aim to optimize for as many as possible, to give you the best chance at appearing on the first page.

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Organic traffic produces free, quality leads for your business.

Ranking higher in Search Engine results pages will drive organic traffic, generate more leads & create more opportunities for customer conversion.

The first five organic search results for a given keyword tend to receive over 70% of clicks from searchers.

In other words, you want to be on that first page of Google to get your share of those clicks.

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The majority of local businesses are not using SEO to their advantage.

MarineView Media wants to help your business website compete for clicks.

Since many local businesses are not implementing proper SEO strategies, there is a real opportunity to climb search engine results and fight for your share of organic traffic.

A properly implemented SEO strategy can help you do just that.

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MarineView Media is a web design & SEO company based in Victoria, BC. We also provide our services abroad, as our business model allows us to help small businesses throughout the world, not just Victoria.

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