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Weaponize your website & fight for search rankings with local SEO services in Victoria BC.


Our SEO Services.

Search Rankings are a Battleground.


Are you ready to go to war with your competitors and fight for higher search rankings?

It’s time to weaponize your website with an SEO plan.

*ongoing SEO Plan, billed monthly


Standard SEO Plan

Maintain Your Position


For websites looking to maintain their current position in search rankings while slowly improving overall SEO.

Ideal for websites that currently rank well with little competition for keywords.  Typical for very specific or niche products and services or locations.

*ongoing SEO Plan, billed monthly


Signature SEO Plan

Advance into Enemy Territory


 For websites looking to steadily compete with competitors for keywords and rank higher in search results.

Ideal for websites with some competition for keywords that want to implement a strategic, long-term plan to climb positions on Search Engine Result Pages.

*ongoing SEO Plan, billed monthly


Platinum SEO Plan

Full-Scale Offensive


For websites ready to deploy a full scale SEO offensive on their keyword competition.

Ideal for websites with more competition for keywords, ready to fight & establish themselves as a frontrunner for web traffic amongst their competitors with a long-term, strategic SEO plan.

Help your potential customers find you.

What is SEO?

Search engines like Google and Bing use complex algorithms to crawl your website in an effort to understand its content.  By optimizing your website, you make it as easy as possible for search engines to understand your content, index it, and serve it to potential customers looking for the services you offer.  


Importance of a Long-Term SEO Strategy.

It takes time, strategy, and proper implementation of SEO for search engines to get to know and trust your website. With proper SEO, we can help you build your domain authority, which search engines use to rank and order organic search results, leading to more site traffic, customer leads and chances of conversion.  The world of search is highly competitive, it’s time to fight for a seat at the table.

For more in-depth information about SEO & why it’s so important for your business, check out our SEO Blog Post.

  • USearch Engine Optimization (SEO): Best practices for standing out to Search Engines.
  • UDomain Authority: A search engine ranking score.
  • UWeb Crawler (Bots): Systematically browse the web to understand and index content.
  • UOrganic Search Results: Unpaid-for search results based on Search Engine algorithms and indexed content.

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