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How It Works



Join our referral list to qualify for our $100 Referral Program payment & 10% web design discount for your referral.


Refer our web design services and recommend they have their website built by MarineView Media!



We ask all of our new clients if they were referred.  We then verify the referrer is on our Referral Program List.


Upon completion of the web design project for your referral, you will receive $100 and your referred contact will receive 10% off their Website Design!

Finer Details:

  • If you have previously worked with MarineView Media you are automatically signed up to our Referral Program.
  • To qualify for referral payout, you must be signed up to our Referral List at time of Verification.
  • Web Design project must meet or exceed minimum of $1400 to qualify for Referral Payments & Discounts.
  • Web Design Referral Discount cannot be combined with any other discount offer.
  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of contacts you can refer us to.
  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of referral payments you can receive.
  • Payment will be delivered to Referrer upon receipt of Referred project’s final payment.
  • 10% discount for your referred contact will be applied to the total project cost, to be discounted and applied on their final payment.
  • Referral Program Payments & Discounts apply to Web Design project referrals only. If you would like to provide a referral for our other web services (ie. SEO & Website Management), please do & we will do our best to work out a proper ‘thank-you’.
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