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Understanding what business owners need to get started with a website.

Domain Name

A domain name is your website address. In other words, it is what people would have to type in to find your website.

For MarineView Media, our domain name is

And yes, if you were wondering, is a completely different domain name.

Once you decide on and purchase a domain name, it is your legal property. It does cost money to renew your domain name with a domain registrar such as GoDaddy, and they will provide you with payment options. Average cost is between $25 and $50 per year.


GoDaddy homepage

Choosing & Buying a Domain Name

One of, if not the very first step, in the process of getting a business website online is choosing & purchasing a domain name.

We typically encourage our clients to purchase their domain name from GoDaddy. Pricing is competitive and we are familiar with the tools they provide for the more technical aspects of websites. Use the search feature on their website to research domain names you have in mind for your business.

*Tip: Do NOT underestimate the importance of your domain name! For a thorough guide on Choosing a Domain Name, check out this blog post*

Hosting Provider

Your website is really just a collection of files and folders that live online.

These files and folders are accessible to computers connected to the internet because of Hosting Providers. They sell space on their computer servers and are paid to create an environment in which your website files and folders are safe and accessible to the public, among other features and tools.


SiteGround homepage

There are countless options out there for hosting your website, and choosing the hosting provider that is right for you can be daunting. 

We recommend finding Hosting that has a server near where you expect the majority of your website traffic will come from. And the more website traffic you expect to receive, the more you should consider higher quality hosting providers. 

At MarineView Media, we use SiteGround. We are comfortable with their hosting environment and tools, and have many small business websites that we have created hosted on their platform.

So if you decide to have your website built by and managed with MarineView Media, your website will live on SiteGround servers.