Website Performance Plan: Case Study

Agile Drone Services

Building a successful web presence from scratch.

Agile Website On Screen

Agile’s Story.

Founded in 2020, commercial pilot and drone enthusiast Joe Henderson decided to take his love of unmanned aerial aviation to the professional level.

After securing the high-end equipment he needed to provide expert aerial photography, he turned to MarineView Media for help building a web presence from scratch for his new company — Agile Drone Services.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Performance Optimization

Our Signature Four-Step Process in action.

Step One: Discover & Diagnose

Starting from scratch provided us the perfect benchmark with which to measure the impact of our services.

With no past web presence to diagnose pain points, we focused instead on User Research, designing a strong mobile user experience and strategizing our SEO approach.

Step Two: Develop the Roadmap

Armed with our knowledge of the market niche and a typical User Persona, we mapped out a timeline of short-term, medium-term & long-term creative targets and performance goals.

Agile Drones Team Page
Agile Team Page

Step Three: Implementation


Over the course of the first two months, we developed and launched a website for Agile Drone Services, complete with the setup of our suite of analytical tools.

From there, while we collected performance data, we implemented our SEO strategies to bolster our authority with search engines.

Early Results

After three months of SEO Efforts, we had made progress with keyword rankings and were starting to attract some organic traffic.

After only six months of SEO efforts, we started to see the impactful results we were striving for.  Organic Traffic had risen from 0 in the baseline, to an average of 93 unique visitors from per month.

SEO Results.

SEO Data


– 1 Referring Domain (only MarineView Media)
– 0 Organic Traffic (monthly average visitors)
– 1 Organic Keyword

Agile SEO 3 Month Results

After 3 Months.

– 30 Referring Domains
– 6 Organic Traffic (monthly average visitors)
– 7 Organic Keywords

Agile SEO 6 Month Results

After 6 Months.

– 37 Referring Domains
– 93 Organic Traffic (monthly average visitors)
– 32 Organic Keywords

More Results.

Benchmark: 55.71
After 3 Months: 31.38
After 6 Months: 21.29

After 3 Months: 47.24%

After 6 Months: 35.97% (-11.27%)

Benchmark: 0

After 3 Months: 7

After 6 Months: 32


Benchmark: 1

After 3 Months: 30

After 6 Months: 37

Benchmark: 3

After 3 Months: 198

After 6 Months: 315

Step Four: Analysis & Optimization.

After 6 months of collecting data, we were able to develop insights into what customers expected from the website.

These insights showed us we needed to bolster the Team Page, and did so by adding personnel bio’s and photo’s. The team page is now the second most visited page on the website behind the homepage.

This data has also recently motivated Agile to pivot their business model, and are now developing an online course for Drone Pilot Certification as a new revenue stream.  We saw tremendous engagement in Agile’s training content and decided that the engagement could better serve both the customer and Agile.

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