SEO: What It Is & Why It’s So Important for Business

Google search on mobile device

March 18, 2021

What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is the process of optimizing your website & content to stand out positively to search engines like Google and Bing, and ultimately rank higher in search. Search Engines use crawlers or ‘bots’ to scan web content and index it. SEO strives to make your content easy for the crawlers to understand and index correctly. Search engines want to see that your website it a trusted source of content, so they can confidently serve your content to search users.

There are many contributing factors to ranking higher in search results; everything from the loading speed of your page & its usability on mobile devices, to how your header text is worded and the quality of websites that link to your website. SEO services seek to optimize all or as many of these factors as possible, in an effort to continuously boost your rankings.

For a more detailed explanation on SEO, check out this blog post from Search Engine Land.

Why SEO is Important for Business

Search Engine algorithms are complex and rank your content accordingly. The higher your website ranks on the search results page for given keywords, the better the chance of searchers finding your website and clicking on your link. This creates ‘Organic Web Traffic’ to your website, and gives you a chance to convert these visitors into customers.

With the constant rise in customers using search to find products and services, it is crucial that your site be designed and built with SEO in mind to give you a chance at those potential customers.

As such, there can be tremendous value in ranking in the top 10 or so results to give your website the best chance at clicks and impressions. It is with these organic leads that you will see a return on your SEO investment. Remember, ranking higher in search can be highly competitive and will take time, so we advise investing in a long-term strategy and tracking its progress.

MarineView Media and SEO

MarineView Media designs websites utilizing SEO best practices. We offer Website Management plans and SEO Services which provide on-going maintenance, security and SEO optimization geared toward growth of your website traffic. Based in Victoria BC, we provide our services to small businesses and professionals all over Canada & the world. If you are in need of website design or SEO services, please reach out and say hello, we would love to chat.